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The “Email Only”

For the occasional question and spot-check.

Service Description

In this package you ask and I answer—up to 4 quick questions a month. Business, tech, storytelling, marketing strategy, gear recommendations, video, web design…you name it and I’ll give you answers to get you unstuck and on your way. All over the convenience of email.


This is perfect for

Established business owners, entrepreneurs and even people just starting out that can’t afford (or don’t need) the intensive assistance or consulting I offer in my other packages.


Why This Works

You’ll have a go-to person to ask those “how do I do ____?” or “what is the best tool to do ____” quick email questions that you can’t find on Google or that everyone you ask doesn’t seem to have the answers to. Save hours figuring things out yourself and send out the Bat Signal (Abe Signal in this case) up to four times a month.



$120 per month, billed monthly via PayPal subscription.

You can ask me 4 quick questions a month (space them out or use them all at once—your choice) over email on anything at all–business, tech, design, video, you name it.

You’re free to cancel at any time but all unused questions disappear forever…forever…forever…so use them up! If you think you’ll have more than 4 questions a month or require additional assistance please take a look at my other service packages.


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What Others Are Saying

“Working with Abe is like working with an entire team: a creative department, a tech wizard, master story teller, a keenly perceptive director, marketing/branding specialist and a great sounding board.
I had the great experience of working with Abe several times while delivering my Platinum Presence Program in NYC, as well as at the MIT Sloan School. His technical knowledge and skill was invaluable in terms of choosing equipment, setting up systems to transmit quality video to the participants, creating videos and integrating them into the client area of my website, designing the workbooks, and creating processes for ease and integration with my branding that I continue to use in all aspects of my business.
“Behind the Lens” feedback, one of Abe’s most powerful secret weapons, was invaluable to the participants of my Platinum Presence Program and to me as facilitator. Abe delivered insightful feedback on each participant’s unique presence from his perch as focused observer/videographer. His input highlighted the value of thinking about my offerings/website/marketing as a multi-sensory experience and continues to influence me to this day.”

– Cheryl Dolan, Communication Expert and Public Speaking Coach,

What Others Are Saying

“Abe’s deep understanding of the importance of storytelling as well as the mechanics of a successful business has helped me immensely. As someone who built a long-standing personal brand through years of networking and being a pioneer in the social landscape – I had fallen behind on the fresher ways of connecting with my audience for my new consultancy.
Abe was able to focus my thoughts and efforts to give me a clear understanding of where I was at and where I needed to go in order to achieve the next level of providing value to my audience. His vast knowledge of web design and endless treasure chest of tools, tactics and other valuable resources border on ninja master level. He is a highly valuable asset to any individual or organization looking to embed sustainable storytelling, technology and design into their business/brand.”

Andre Blackman, Speaker, Founder, Onboard Health

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