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It starts like this…

You’re trying to make a video for your business. You search Google for an answer to a specific video problem, the one that’s holding you back from:

  • Finishing the video content for the course you’ve been building for months
  • Uploading a video in the right format, with the right settings
  • Recording those valuable screencasts and video tips your customers have been begging you for
  • Sharing your “About Me” video with your audience because something is just…off

You expect the search results to have the answers you need, but…

Scroll,scroll,scroll…nope. Nextpage,nextpage,nextpage…nothing.” – You, on Google

Here’s the thing. The solutions to your video problems are on the web somewhere, but they’re often buried deep in the techiest message boards and NOT VERY EASY TO FIND. It’s like a High Council of Video Gurus agreed to lock away their secrets and allow access ONLY to those daring enough to endure countless forums of H.264 geek-speak, Canon vs. Nikon arguments, and Grumpycat GIFs. Poppycock!

Video doesn’t have to be this hard

Creating video takes time and focus, arguably the most valuable resources to any business owner. But it doesn’t have to be hard, and you shouldn’t give up on making videos because it hasn’t worked out for you in the past. What if you could save time and focus on what matters most in your business? What if you could cut through all the crap and find exactly what you need to:

  • Get started with video for YOUR unique business, even with no prior video experience
  • Turn your valuable expertise into engaging videos to SELL more classes/products/services, build TRUST with your customers, and project QUALITY with your content
  • Learn what gear and software are absolutely necessary to accomplish your project and save money by skipping the rest
  • Finally decide between YouTube and Vimeo and know exactly WHY it’s right for your content (Note: “Because Mr. marketer-of-the-week said so” doesn’t count)
  • Create a video workflow system that works FOR YOU and cuts back on the wasted time setting up equipment and experimenting with apps, tools, and settings that HOLD YOU BACK from what you should be doing in your business (Note: the fun parts you actually enjoy)

Now you can, with video consulting and support you can trust from someone who’s been helping organizations big and small for over a decade. Sound good?

I can help, and here’s why:

For the last 14 years, I’ve taken a BIG PICTURE approach when it comes to video. Instead of specializing in one particular area like videography or video marketing, I’ve jumped head-first into projects as director, editor, designer and educator (sometimes all at once) to produce a variety of content for all kinds of people.

But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career.” – Liam Neeson, Taken

You name it and I’ve probably done it–without a film degree or fancy equipment–so I know exactly what it takes to create online video as a bootstrapping entrepreneur without spending a lot of money.

I’m constantly learning new aspects of video, pushing forward with my client work, and staying up-to-date with the latest in marketing, design and technology to tell better stories through video.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, teacher, brand, or business leader, we’ll take the holistic approach to ensure the tiniest details of your videos and content strategy match the big picture of your business, strengths, and budget.

Some key things I’ve done:

  • Directed hundreds of online instructional videos with teachers and subject experts in a variety of fields
  • Co-created a viral video phenomenon with my former sketch comedy crew, amassing over 2 million views during the early days of YouTube
  • Set up workflow systems to deliver 10,000 videos for on- and offline delivery at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco
  • Edited and produced motion graphics for video games, short films, and incredibly successful Kickstarter campaigns like this one, for Sake Secret:

I LOVE telling stories through video and I’m passionate about helping other small businesses do the same. Whatever it is that’s stopping you from creating quality video content, I probably know how to solve it. And if I don’t know right away, I’m confident I can figure it out with you. Fast.

What others are saying…

cheryl dolan Working with Abe is like working with an entire team: a creative department, a tech wizard, master story teller, a keenly perceptive director, marketing/branding specialist and a great sounding board.

I had the great experience of working with Abe several times while delivering my Platinum Presence Program in NYC, as well as at the MIT Sloan School. His technical knowledge and skill was invaluable in terms of choosing equipment, setting up systems to transmit quality video to the participants, creating videos and integrating them into the client area of my website, designing the workbooks, and creating processes for ease and integration with my branding that I continue to use in all aspects of my business.

“Behind the Lens” feedback, one of Abe’s most powerful secret weapons, was invaluable to the participants of my Platinum Presence Program and to me as facilitator. Abe delivered insightful feedback on each participant’s unique presence from his perch as focused observer/videographer. His input highlighted the value of thinking about my offerings/website/marketing as a multi-sensory experience and continues to influence me to this day.

Cheryl Dolan, Communication Expert and Public Speaking Coach

Book Your Video Consulting Session Today

Now is your chance to cut out all the time, money, and energy spent stressing over video and following social network breadcrumbs hoping to find someone who might know how to get you unstuck. I got you covered!

Book a private consulting session with me and get expert guidance on everything you need to produce QUALITY videos with results you’ll feel good about–so you can get back to business. No hype, just results.

abe_bigger_123– Abe



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